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FREE Are You Ready? Coaching Session

To determine whether you are ready to take on the challenge of living your life at a higher level and identify the next step for you. During the call we will:

  • Assess your current Four Pillars Strength & Balance status and the opportunities that presents
  • Determine whether you are READY to start living your life at a higher level
  • Identify a next step to move towards your higher level

GO! Coaching

GO! customised coaching/mentoring for in depth development and implementation of strategy to move you to living life at your next level.
It may be right for you if you:

  • Want to continue to have a coach to hold you accountable
  • Want to get more deeply into strengthening and balancing any of the four pillars

Residual Income Mentorship

To assist you to make provision for your future by creating income that continues long after you have done the work. The most effective form of mentorship is one in which the mentor has a vested interest in the success of the person being mentored. FullSpectrumLife.org recommends two such methodologies for creating residual income. 

"​  I have known Claire for 25 years both personally and professionally. Claire is a rare person indeed. 

She has that unique talent to help others untap their hidden strengths and help them find a healthier, happier and more balanced approach to life and life's work. 

Claire believes that everyone has a special purpose in life. She helped me to get back on track, spiritually and professionally, during a very rough stage in mine. 

For that I am eternally grateful. Her gentle, non-judgemental yet piercing insights into what seem to be simple life challenges have helped me in ways I could never have imagined. ​"

Caroline S.

" Claire is extremely authentic and reliable. If she says she will do something, you can absolutely count on her. Claire is very smart and extremely dependable with confidentialities. 

She shows excellent judgement and her experience in personal development and coaching people to become the best that they can be is first-rate. She has a supportive style to her coaching.  

Claire is someone that I have no hesitation at all in recommending. "

Denise Becker

"  Claire has given my husband and I much valuable advice regarding nutrition and helped us to make some beneficial choices regarding supplements and foods which will enhance our health. 

Claire is a good listener and has a wealth of knowledge. I recommend her to anyone looking at lifestyle and nutritional changes. " 

Mrs. Hayley Drakes​

FREE Four Pillars Strength & Balance Assessment Tool

A quick, yet insightful, look at where you are at with the four pillars in your life.

  • Understand which of your four pillars are stronger, which are weaker
  • Recognise where are the imbalances in your life
  • Establish your baseline from which to measure progress in living life at a higher level​

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Tailor made to your health and wellness goals and concerns. Based on the four cornerstones of health and wellness: diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and sleep. 
Taking into consideration your lifestyle and your health concerns your Personalised Nutrition Plan will:

  • Teach you the basics of low glycemic eating for long term health
  • Take the confusion out of nutritional supplements with a detailed customised programme
  • Enable you to undertake a short detoxification cleanse to renew your energy, break your addiction to carbs and obtain safe, sustainable weight loss/management

Get Set! Coaching

Get Set series of six 45 minute coaching sessions to explore the application of four pillars strategies to your life and goals. At the end of the programme you will have:

  • Identified and started to implement priority actions for each of the four pillars
  • Developed the valuable (and enjoyable) discipline of journaling
  • Created a shift in your Four Pillars Strength and Balance Chart
  • Established next steps to continue to live life at a higher level