​     ​Full Spectrum Life

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In this book Claire takes you on the journeys that she and her late husband made from their starts in life to where they are now, including some of their experience with cancer. The positive changes they made in their lives, their ability to gracefully navigate Doug’s illness and death and the impact that they have had with their lives come from the tools, techniques and principles she sets out in this book.

Are you ready to take your life to a higher level?

Whether you are struggling with some aspect of life just now, or soaring in success, if you want to take your life to its next level then this is the book for you. Be inspired to learn and apply tools and techniques that can be life changing in all Four Pillars of a Full Spectrum Life: health, wealth, relationships and contribution.

"A well written book and a great handbook for people wanting to make positive changes across their lives."

Keith Tarswell. Director of Education, Bosley Real Estate Ltd.

"Claire’s book is truly inspired writing. If you want your life to be filled with more happiness, please read and absorb and then live the principles in Full Spectrum Life. It is a gift to the world. I loved it!"

Anne Reid. Reiki Master/Teacher