Contribution: Reflects the aspirational nature of being human - our sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Relationships: Our lives are dominated by them. They may last a lifetime or just minutes.

I call the four aspects of a Full Spectrum Life the “four pillars”. Each pillar needs to be strong and balanced with the others in order to have a life that functions well and serves us and our purpose. If one pillar is weak or off balance, then the whole structure is weakened and may collapse. Click here to find out about the coaching and mentoring programmes available to help you balance and strengthen your four pillars.

​​Four Pillars Strength & Balance Chart

Here is what my Four Pillars Strength and Balance Chart would have looked like if I had drawn it back in 1994. 

Doesn’t look like a strong foundation for a Full Spectrum Life does it! It looks very different today. What does yours look like? 

Call or email me to set up a FREE interpretation of your Four Pillars Strength and Balance Chart.

​Wealth: More than money, 
it also includes fun and learning.

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The Four Pillars of a Full Spectrum Life

​​So what is a Full Spectrum life? It is a life in which we are aware of, and focus attention on, developing all four of the fundamental aspects of ourselves as a human being: health, wealth, relationships and contribution. As we live life at a higher level, we are increasing the functionality and effectiveness of each of these four aspects and bringing them into balance with each other.

Health: Our physical nature.
​Energy, fitness, wellness.

​     ​Full Spectrum Life