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"​​ I have known Claire for about 10 years as both a friend and a business associate. Claire is one of the most caring and compassionate people that I have the privilege of knowing. She listens attentively which gives her an amazing ability to help people with whatever their need may be. Her knowledge of her products and business is extensive and her leadership skills outstanding. 

To sum it all up, Claire lives her life with integrity and honesty and she is just a great person to have in your life! " 

- Anne Reid

Claire's Story

I grew up in Yorkshire in the north of England the eldest of three children. At 18, I left to go to university “down south”. It proved to be 34 years before I made my home once more in the north of England. After graduating from Southampton University with a Masters degree in Economics and Econometrics, I went to live and work in London. My corporate career was in business analytics and statistical modelling in a consulting environment, focused on risk quantification. It was my corporate job that provided the opportunity to move to Toronto, Canada in 1990. 

In the mid 1990’s my personal development journey began. It turned into a passion to help others to live life at a higher level using what I have learned, and continue to learn. I saw results not just in my personal life as I started to apply what I was learning, but also in my professional life, particularly in the environment of the teams of technical specialists that I ran.

Ultimately, I realized that the corporate world was no longer the place for me; partly because it had changed, but mostly because I had changed. In 2000 I quit the corporate life and started to do that work as an independent consultant. I continue to work with some select corporate clients on risk projects today.

Working alongside my late husband, Doug Cameron, a gifted personal development facilitator, I was no longer just a student and practitioner of the principles. I was now helping others to learn and apply the tenets of a Full Spectrum Life.

After Doug passed away, I decided it was time to move “back home” to be near family and old friends in this new phase of my life. I arrived in North Lincolnshire in July 2012. The beauty of the businesses that I own is that none of them rely on being in a particular place at a particular time. I was able to choose to move continents and have my businesses continue uninterrupted.

Whilst having powerful skills and knowledge in all four of the pillars of a Full Spectrum Life, I do have particular expertise to offer in the health and wealth pillars. This has grown from my own experiences, needs and interests.

I have created to provide a consolidated point of access to my coaching / mentoring services across all four pillars, and special programs in the health and wealth pillars. is a means for me to reach more people and help them to live life at a higher level.

​     ​Full Spectrum Life