​     ​Full Spectrum Life

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Four Pillars Strength & Balance Assessment Tool

On each of the axes, representing one of the pillars, assess how strong your life is in that pillar. Place a mark on the axis to show your current position.

For example, if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, exercise daily, take complete, high quality, balanced and advanced dose nutritional supplements and get plenty of good quality sleep you can place your mark towards the edge of the health axis away from the centre point on the chart.​​ Similarly, if you earn a reasonable income, but have no provision for your future and don’t have fun in your life or feel that you are learning, then you need to place your mark on the wealth axis close to the centre point of the chart, giving yourself a low score for wealth.

When you have placed your mark on each of the four axes, join the points into a four sided shape. The more asymmetric your shape, then the more unbalanced your four pillars are. The larger is your shape then the stronger are your four pillars. The objective in living a full spectrum life is to gradually and continuously balance the four pillars and expand the size of the diamond it creates.

The four pillars that support a functional and fulfilling Full Spectrum Life are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Contribution

If any of the four are weaker than the others or less developed than the others, then the structure that is supported by the pillars – our life – may come crashing down. Is it easy to drive a car when one tyre has blown out? Will a table stand up if one of its legs is broken?

Find out how solid is the foundation for your life by completing the Four Pillars Strength & Balance Assessment tool.